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Die Pitches 2017

Das sind die Unternehmen, die sich bei der EURO FINANCE TECH V präsentieren werden. Nicht verpassen!

Contovista AG
Gerrit Sindermann, Head International Business Development & Partnerships

Banks license Contovista’s Personal Finance Management (PFM), Business Finance Management (BFM), and Analytics Engine software, pay software licenses, and get access to our Data Enrichment Service. In addition, machine learning models can be licensed from a database that is optimized across the entire partner network.

Dan Pastor, Head of Intelligence

Cytegic (Automated Cyber Risk Officer – Israel, SeriesA) – Cytegic has developed a unique solution for managing cyber risk for companies. The solution serves risk management professionals, C-Suite officers and security practitioners as well as senior executives who wish to have a high-level view of their security posture presented in a dashboard with non-technical jargon for a quick understanding of impending threats and risk as well as security posture. The solution consists of three independent products that work best together when utilized as a suite

Jarkko Anttiroiko, CEO

Enterpay (Fintech Payments, Finland) – Enterpay enables banks to increase revenues and customer satisfaction of their merchant services. Today merchants are usually invoicing their business customers directly for their online purchases using expensive manual customer boarding processes and exposing them to credit and fraud risks. Enterpay provides banks with payment solution which they can add to their offering to merchants. By using it their merchant customers can accept payments by invoice from their business customers without credit and fraud risk and decrease the need of working capital.

finAPI GmbH
Dr. Florian Haagen, Managing Director

finAPI – The Intelligent Banking API: finAPI offers access to banking data in Germany and Austria. Based on machine learning algorithm, the banking data is categorized into over 70 categories to support various use cases like multibanking, digital loan application and PFM. Additionally, finAPI offers an out-of-the box solution for a compliant PSD2- Access-to-Account API for banks.

Jean-Claude Kühne, Co-Founder

FinmiSys – Financing with System – is the first virtual interest rate optimizer that calculates an optimal financing offer for mortgage loans including subsidies automatically in seconds using an algorithm. The banks‘ credit guidelines are taken into account, as are repayment rate adjustments based on loan values.

Simone Di Somma, CEO

INNAAS (Fintech Digital Concierge, Italy) – INNAAS creates Virtual Agents based on Artificial Intelligence. Our technology can be used to build Smart Advisors that give useful insights or data drive assistance that streamline processes. Thanks to our fast and secure platform a Virtual Agent can be built in minutes. We developed some templates that can be quickly filled in order to train an Agent accomplishing a chosen goal. After that is done, the Smart Advisor is ready to work. However, the Artificial Intelligence makes it keeping to learn by itself during each interaction, thus improving the Agent day-by-day.

INNAAS technology has been already applied in production in many industries such as automotive, banking, sport, and manufacturing. Insights are given in Natural Language to optimize processes.

Sebastian Hasenack, Managing Director & Co-Founder

investify is an individual, theme-based digital asset manager for retail, affluent and B2B clients. Our clients always keep control and flexibility over their portfolio. investify applied for the PSF license in January 2016 and received it from the CSSF in November 2016. We are holding a PSF license which is equivalent to the KWG 32 in Germany and are working with a pan-European approach by opening up branches (EU-passporting). We started onboarding clients in a family and friends framework and officially launched the channel in February 2017. Currently we are onboarding two clients a day with increasing tendency. In addition to this we are planning our first B2B cooperation with the Hamburger Sparkasse (HASPA).

Dr. Michael Schwaiger, CFO & Co-Founder

RoboSig (FX AlgoTrading, USA) – RoboSig provides its Algo-trading system to large financial institutions enabling them to generate alpha returns by taking low risk (Sharpe ratio >2, consistently generating >12% annually). The company has raised $1.5M in convertible notes over the last 10 months. Next steps are the implementation of machine learning and AI into the algorithm and raise the Sharpe ratio at a level of 5.